visor - magnifier supports AirPlay

In our recent update to version 1.4, we added full support for AirPlay Mirroring to our low vision magnifier app, visor. This makes it possible to display your magnified text on your big screen at home, be it a TV, computer monitor or projector. All you need is your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, an Apple TV, and visor. In this post we will show you how to make the most of the feature.

With the introduction of AirPlay, Apple included a powerful technology in iOS, capable of streaming video content directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a television set connected to an Apple TV. In adition to recorded content, AirPlay can also act as an additional wireless display to your device, a feature that we use for the AirPlay Mirroring support of visor.

While being really useful, AirPlay can be a bit hard to find and activate.

Just follow these steps to enable it on your iOS device

1. Swipe up from anywhere to reveal Control Center:

If you have set up your Apple TV correctly, an AirPlay button should be visible in the lower right corner of Control Center. Tap it.


2. Select your Apple TV on the next screen. Make sure to also enable Mirroring:

Your device’s screen should now be mirrored to your TV. Start visor and use your TV as a magnifier!

We’re amining to replace conventional desktop video magnifiers with our combination of an iOS device, an Apple TV and visor. With the recent price drop of Apple TV, this solution now comes at an even lower cost, much less than those traditional magnifiers.

In addition to being more affordable, visor is more flexible, too. You can use the mobile app on the go to read menus or price tags, and at home to read a book on your TV with AirPlay. It supports multiple magnification levels and 4 different contrast modes. Be sure to check it out on the App Store, if you haven’t already:


Bonus Tip: In case you don’t own an Apple TV, but have a big monitor connected to your Mac, PC, or even an Android device, there are third party products available that enable AirPlay support for those. Have a look at Reflector and AirServer.

Have a good day


André Eitz2 Comments