Review on Visor Smartphone Stand

What if I told you, you don’t need a video magnifier anymore? What if I told you, that you can use your smartphone and a tiny stand instead? What if I told you, that this would just cost you EUR39.00?

The Visor Smartphone Stand for people with visual impairment seems to me exactly that.

What it does.

Its a stand/clamp, that holds my smartphone at a steady height from what I am reading. Particularly in the kitchen, reading recipes, it became so helpful, I will never want to miss it at home.

The Visor Smartphone Stand displays its strengths primarily in combination with a magnification app. Either you use the built in magnifier of your iPhone or magnification apps like visor-magnifier or any other magnifier apps.

How it looks.

Its a U-shaped clamp, 3D printed from a flexible polymer, that comes in 4 colors. Sliding your smartphone in, will hold it firmly without damaging it. I’ve tried it with my iPhone SE as well as an iPhone 6, I’ve borrowed from a friend. Both fit in snuggly and according to the manufacturer it will also hold an iPhone 7 Plus.


It slides without any noticeable resistance over newspapers or plain surfaces, running it over book joints works as good as with any other normal video magnifiers. The aspect of a steady height from what I am reading, makes a real difference. No manual adjustment anymore, I can quickly find the text passage, I want to continue reading. If I want to use my iPhone without it, its easy to slide it out again. The yellow color of the stand makes it easy for me to find it again. But it also comes in 3 other colors too: red, black and bright blue.

The 3D printed part is almost perfect in its shape, except of a few smooth surface bumps and very flexible, but robust enough to hold your smartphone firmly. I haven't got it long enough to make any statements about the durability of the, but I’ve let it fell from a table the other day and it didn’t get cracked or anything. Its plastic, so I am very certain, that it will hold its shape for quite a long time.


If you are small on budget or you want to have a beautifully designed all in one solution, that puts your smartphone in the spot of any low vision reading, try the Visor Smartphone Stand. It is a remarkable new product.

What does it cost and where to buy

You can buy it online on

It costs EUR 39.00 or $45 and will ship internationally.

Just try it!

André EitzComment